Do you know this BEER?

This BEER is made by KIRIN BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED that is Japanese company.
This caracter is Qilin(KIRIN). I think the elderly people like this beer, because this beer is the first made in Japan, and there is top share in JAPAN(But now Asahi is No1).
It’s little biter taste than Asahi and others.

Mr. Thomas Blake Glover was involved in the establishment of the company. In 1984, he became president of this company.
He is known that he supported the opening of Japan to the outside world. Japan was policy of national isolation from 1639 to 1854.
He wanted to drink good beer!

About you want to know about Thomas blake Glover.
I highly recommend visiting Glover Garden in Nagasaki prefecture.
Located on a small hill, you can feel the culture of the West.
What was he thinking here more than 100 years ago?

Have a nice trip!